Join our team
of experts on data

Long experience

At Adastra you’ll find an excellent place to work and join an easy-going team. And you’ll work with the latest technologies on projects for giant companies

You’ll fit in perfectly if…

  • ou have a lot of experience with DWH, BI, Master Data Management or Enterprise Application Integration.
    You enjoy data analytics and keep looking for innovations.
  • You like to push forward your own team as well as our clients.
    You’re not afraid of responsibility or leading a team.
  • You’d like to work for banks, mobile operators or public sector.
    You like to deploy changes in giant corporations as well as international projects.

What can we offer in exchange?

  • You’ll work on various projects, with various technologies, and in various teams.
    People stay with us for years because there’s no tiring daily routine here.
  • You can talk to anybody because we have a horizontal structure here.
    We try to be forthcoming and help you harmonize your work and family.
  • We have good relationships and atmosphere in our team. The company lives with you.
    Several times a year we organize events also for your kids and partners.

See what experienced Adastrans have to say

Josef Pinkr


"I joined Adastra after eight years in Business Intelligence. I wanted a change of pace, so I was looking for a company with over 50 employees. I see lots of options and interesting projects here and I like it. I have my peace of mind and I’m my own boss. My job is truly fulfilling, and that makes me happy."

Martin Záruba


„I came to Adastra in January 2016. I came from corporate environment where I felt stagnation after many years. Today I work as a senior consultant. I expanded the traditional DWH/BI competence by processing data from IoT. We have most of our new projects on cloud. I watch out for the latest news and trends in technology. We internally test the chosen technologies and implement them into our solutions. I consult with the customers which problems do they need to solve, I analyze them and I design the solution architecture. I'm enjoying working on Self-service BI and its intersection with traditional corporate BI. If the time allows it, I partake in community events and conferences."

Do the numbers tell you even more about us

years is the average age of last year’s newcomers
tools and technologies
That’s how many we work with at Adastra
years That’s how long the most experienced Adastran has been working for us
22 %
of the Adastra team members are women

Things you like to ask about…

I have to go through the recruitment process?

We’d like to meet even experienced people first, so we know they’ll fit in and feel good at Adastra.
First get in touch and send us your CV. We’ll call you within two days to give you a chance to ask about anything on your mind. Sometimes we send a test on SQL or other technologies to complete from home.

Then we’ll agree on a meeting with our recruiter or directly with a future colleague on the project who’ll introduce you to the current situation and your role and ask about your technical skills and interests. For you it will be a great opportunity to talk about the client, team or technologies used, directly with a person who works on the project and knows it all.

And if it all fits, you can join us in three weeks.

How do I harmonize work and family?

And the salary?