Need a change?
Start your career in IT consulting

At a crossroads

A former teacher and a lawyer work for Adastra.
Enthusiastic people with smart, analytical minds get a chance here.

Your start here will be good if… 

  • You can quickly absorb new knowledge and skills.
    You’ll learn SQL and other necessary technologies.
  • You don’t mind working hard when the task is interesting.
    There’ll be a lot of work and intensive self-study at the beginning.
  • You’re close to IT as well as technical thinking.
    You enjoy working with data and dealing with technological challenges.

What can we offer?

  • You’ll step into a new world and will face new challenges.
    Every day is different at Adastra; no tiring daily routine.
  • You’ll get all the help you need.
    The Adastrans will always help, even at very busy times.
  • You’ll enjoy going to work to see your colleagues.
    Our company culture is easy-going and pleasant.

These Adastrans used to be
in the same situation as you

Jiří Hladík


“I used to teach at a primary school. When I decided to quit, I was at a theatre ensemble workshop with some friends. I asked if they could recommend an interesting job and a friend working for Adastra responded. I like the company culture she described. People have names here, not just numbers. It doesn’t feel like a corporation.”

Jiří Kysela


“I knew there was a company named Adastra, but I didn’t know what it dealt with. I’m an economics graduate. I had no idea about IT, it wasn’t my discipline at all. I didn’t know SQL, I couldn’t do any coding. And that’s what really worried me. I never would have given it a try if it weren’t for a friend of mine who encouraged and supported me. And I was lucky to join a great project with excellent people. They passed on their experience and the whole transition was very quick.”

How things work here

tools and technologies
That’s how many we work with at Adastra
have been implemented by us at Adastra
gave us their contact data at trade fairs last year
years is how long the most experienced Adastran has been working for us

Things people like to ask…

Do you really hire people from totally different disciplines?

If they are smart, capable and willing to learn, we’d like to meet them.
Just read the story of our consultant Jiří: I said I couldn’t do anything. And they said we could give it a chance together

What does a consultant actually do? Will I be selling something?

How does our recruitment work?