Our work helps in multinational corporations

We’ll support you in every phase of your career
We’ll find a position for you based on what you actually need

At the beginning

You’re still a student or you’ve just graduated.
You may have some experience from one or two jobs or several projects.

Learn from experts. Work on projects for giant companies.
This is a place where you can grow very quickly. Really!

At a crossroads

Need a fresh start or a change of pace?
Are you drawn to IT consulting even though you’ve been doing something else so far?

You may feel like working and studying only when the job offers good relationships, fair bosses, and new adventures. And that’s what we have here.

Long experience

Know a thing or two about working with data and deploying IT solutions?
At Adastra, you always come across an interesting or surprising challenge.

There’s no tiring daily routine. Even after all those years we enjoy innovative projects as well as a good team and freedom at work. And the good money is a well-deserved bonus.