Data gives us answers to our questions
We help big companies plan budgets,
target their marketing, and improve services

IKEA needed to store customer data…
a lot of it

Personal and contact data of customers, purchase transactions, data on returned products, reactions to marketing campaigns…

We built a data warehouse covering three countries

It services seven IKEA shops and runs in a cloud-based VPN solution. Now IKEA Family members no longer need to keep their receipts.

The General Financial Directorate automated its data cleaning

This authority administers taxes for the entire Czech Republic, such as income tax, VAT, road or gift taxes…

Our solution saves an incredible amount of time

We automated the process of pairing taxes with individual subjects, of adding missing data as well as fixing duplicate entries.

ČSOB bank used to plan its budgets using Excel

The bank used to work with a complex system of various tables to create its finance plan for the following year; it took an entire army of its employees to create it and another to check it.

The analytical tool by Adastra can see into the future

We chose a technology which enables more effective planning in greater detail. And only a week after our solution was completed, the bank used it to prepare its plan for the entire next year.

The bank wanted to offer credit cards to their clients

We all know how annoying advertising carpet bombing can be; it only makes the uninterested angry.

How do you reach people who enjoy being offered a card credit?

We proposed how to target the right ones based on their purchases

Based on purchase histories, our algorithm can tell who is planning a vacation or who’s just had a baby.

A targeted offer like this was 20x more effective.

You’ll like it at Adastra…

ICT and business solutions

Tasks and projects are diverse

„We keep up with the latest technological trends. I moved from traditional BI/DWH into IoT.“

Martin Záruba,
6 years at Adastra

22 years
of experience with data

You’ll work with the best in the industry

“I’ve been working for Adastra for over 20 years now and I like being surrounded by lots of inspiring people that I can learn a lot from.”

Pavel Kysela,
19 years at Adastra

agreement between the Adastrans and the management

You find common ground with everybody here

“This is a good place to work; there’s no hierarchy and we help each other. We are regular people, not predators.”

Martina Kohoutová,
16 years at Adastra

Most of us fit somewhere between these two points.
And where do you think you are?

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85% : 15%
.NET, Java, ETL, Oracle…

You are a skilled programmer who builds solutions on various platforms.
You can tweak and combine technologies to satisfy all of the client’s needs.

“I attended an IT high school for three years and then the University of Finance and Administration in Prague. I wanted to join Adastra to gain new experience and because I didn’t feel like doing the same things over and over again; I don’t like the daily grind. And I was pleasantly surprised by my colleagues. We even have experts on some technologies who’ve been working here for 20 years and I can ask them about anything.”

Daniel Buš
DWH Developer

80% : 20%
You enjoy new data trends and innovations and want to try them all

You enjoy racking your brain with a tech challenge to simplify a complex or lengthy process. You can design a solution like that and aren’t afraid to discuss it with the client.

"I had almost no knowledge of DWH when I joined Adastra. However, I learned the basic principles quickly and some time later I moved on to a position of senior ETL developer. Then came the big DHW project for GE Money Bank. I became the right hand of the technical architect and learned a lot of new things from him. Since then I’ve been working on projects as the main DWH architect and I enjoy it."

Radek Marušan
DWH Architekt

50% : 50%
You can switch roles and tasks easily

Programming in SQL one day and leading a training session at the client’s next day is not a problem for you. You think analytically and are able to find some interesting information in a jumble of data spread throughout piles.

"As a consultant, I meet with clients, discuss their problems, analyse the processes, and evaluate progress with my colleagues. I find that combining consulting and analytical activities is quite useful, even though I still have a fair bit to learn about the technical side of things. But I have great colleagues here who help me learn, and they are what make my working environment so pleasant."

Vlastimil Kovařík

40% : 60%
You can drive your work forward, and a client’s team too

You are a bit of a project manager. You listen to people to find out what’s bothering them. And you come up with a way to resolve their problems using the ICT technology.

"Every day is different at work. I work as a team leader, so I push people on projects forward. Also, I perform analyses, come up with strategies, do some coding, and train our customers."

Marek Vích
Team Leader

15% : 85%
You can show clients that you understand them and are on their side

You understand people, numbers, and business. You can handle conflict situations and aren’t afraid to make major changes in a multinational company.

“I coordinate our Adastra team, do some installing and communicate with the business department. Every day begins with a stand-up meeting and we work in sprints. Our team of 12 members is the biggest in the division, and two of the members are women. And we all love it. We cooperate with other Adastra entities, such as Adastra Germany and Adastra Canada.”

Andrea Jurošová
Consultant / Project koordinator

We’ll support you in every phase of your career
We’ll find a position for you based on what you actually need

At the beginning

You’re still a student or you’ve just graduated.
You may have some experience from one or two jobs or several projects.

Learn from experts. Work on projects for giant companies.
This is a place where you can grow very quickly. Really!

At a crossroads

Need a fresh start or a change of pace?
Are you drawn to IT consulting even though you’ve been doing something else so far?

You may feel like working and studying only when the job offers good relationships, fair bosses, and new adventures. And that’s what we have here.

Long experience

Know a thing or two about working with data and deploying IT solutions?
At Adastra, you always come across an interesting or surprising challenge.

There’s no tiring daily routine. Even after all those years we enjoy innovative projects as well as a good team and freedom at work. And the good money is a well-deserved bonus.