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We’ve been looking for new solutions and innovations
for our clients as long-term partners

The insurance industry, the public sector, finance, logistics or media – these are examples of industries where our clients do business. And we do business together with them. We spend a lot of time with our clients and sometimes work on several projects at the same time. First we deliver new solutions and then we support those systems for months or even years.

And what is our team like? It consists mainly of senior consultants who respect and rely on each other. Long-term and well-established relationships are a priority for our work.

Its director David Kaláb
is a man with whom you can agree on everything

"The dynamics of the time is huge and with that is associated many opportunities, pitfalls and expectations. Having a target, having a desire to work on myself, knowing what I want to achieve, being patient, consistent and responsible are still the right values for which we are looking for new talent in a company like Adastra."

David Kaláb

Division Director

How things work here

people is the average size of our teams
years is the duration of our long-term projects
of the division works directly at the client’s
mentor trains each newcomer

These Adastrans may be your colleagues

Martina Kohoutová

Project Manager

“During my time here I’ve received a lot of offers elsewhere. But I’ve never had a reason to re“ply to them. I really like the way we work together here at Adastra. We save a lot of time by helping each other. We are easy-going and cooperative.”

Daniel Buš

DWH Developer

“I attended an IT high school for three years and then the University of Finance and Administration in Prague. I wanted to join Adastra to gain new experience and because I didn’t feel like doing the same things over and over again; I don’t like the daily grind. And I was pleasantly surprised by my colleagues. We even have experts on some technologies who’ve been working here for 20 years and I can ask them about anything.”

Jaroslav Vlček

Senior Consultant

“I’ve been working here for 20 years. The people and the team are just great. I work on various projects and every day is different. I keep moving forward, which I enjoy very much.”