About us
Division detail

We help at our clients’ offices both here and abroad,
most often with DWH/BI

A large part of our clientele are big banks based in the Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia or even Georgia.

On top of that, we deliver applications, including mobile apps, for several institutions based in China.

We have lots of teams working on various projects which lets us stay flexible even though there are almost two hundred of us. Anyone can find or create a position here based on their interests and skills. And you won’t need to travel to Georgia to do it.

In Finance you’d report to
the dynamic David Kozelka

“I try to find the type of jobs tailored to the needs of each person. Some people are very active and would love to go abroad while others prefer to spend the whole week in Prague at the Budějovická offices because they pick up their child from a nearby kindergarten every day. We like to oblige and I know that people who join us stay with us. We are good at what we do.”

David Kozelka

Division Director

How things work here

a week that’s how often our new hires usually talk with a mentor
graduates from other disciplines joined us last year
times larger that’s how much we’ve grown in the last 3 years

These Adastrans could be your colleagues

Milan Srba

Business Intelligence Consultant

“I work for Adastra as a contractor on a bank project in Georgia. I enjoy it and it’s great to have a chance to build a Data Warehouse from the start to finish.”

Vlastimil Kovařík


“As a consultant, I meet with clients, discuss their problems, analyse the processes, and evaluate progress with my colleagues. I find that combining consulting and analytical activities is quite useful, even though I still have a fair bit to learn about the technical side of things. But I have great colleagues here who help me learn, and they are what make my working environment so pleasant.”