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In smaller teams we deploy innovations
for mobile operators and retail chain stores.

Each Adastran has to be able to work in several roles and switch among various tasks.

And this is especially true in the Telco & Retail division, as we smoothly switch among projects and often even manage several of them at the same time. Most of them are short-term projects, but some can take over a year. We may do reporting for one project and directly develop applications for another. We also deploy IoT technologies in shops and work with AI.

Our Adastrans are used to doing executive work, communicating with customers as well as doing project management. And this variety of tasks is one of the things we enjoy.

The Telco & Retail division
is managed by Jiří Balcárek

“Common sense is simply essential for me. At the beginning it’s a question of how willing a person is to learn, not how good they are at a given technology. A universal soldier, capable of multitasking, who doesn’t pretend to be somebody else, will fit in with our team very well. Most importantly, we need to click on a personal level.”

Jiří Balcárek

Division Director

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These Adastrans could be your colleagues

Petr Švec

IT Consultant

“When I was working for my previous employer, things used to take ages, my education was stagnating, and I couldn’t really see the results of my work. I was looking for a place where my work would have a bigger impact and I’d learn some new things. And Adastra met both of these requirements. I was pleasantly surprised by their approach to education of the team members; the company doesn’t hesitate to invest in them.”

Josef Pinkr


“I joined Adastra after eight years in the industry. I wanted a change of pace, so I was looking for a company with over 50 employees. I see lots of options and interesting projects here and I like it. I have my peace of mind and I’m my own boss. My job is truly fulfilling, and that makes me happy.”