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We started as a Czech-Canadian company. Now we have branches all over the world. And we’re still growing.


In telecommunications, finances, insurance and retail, we’re the best.
And we can also help elsewhere.

types of solutions

These are no ready-made packets, though. We combine and tweak technologies to fit a client’s precise needs.

2 000+

The number of Adastrans on the planet. And around 750 of them work in Prague at the European head office.

Our recent projects

Automated data cleaning at the General Financial Directorate deployed by Adastra

These digital times continue to place large demands for volume and mainly quality of data inside organizations. Every company or public sector organization struggles with some kind of data inconsistency and has to find a solution to it, and the General Financial Directorate was no exception.

Adastra as a system integrator for the Register of Persons (Companies)

The times when you had to actually walk into several authorities to make a single change are long gone now. Basic registers and modern communication systems have simplified the interaction between people and authorities, making it more pleasant and efficient. And Adastra contributed to it by participating in the establishment of the Register of Persons (Companies).

IKEA needed to store customer data… A lot of it

Personal and contact data of customers, purchase transactions, data on returned products, reactions to marketing campaigns… We built a data warehouse covering three countries: It services seven IKEA shops and runs in a cloud-based VPN solution. Now IKEA Family members no longer need to keep their receipts.

AIS Servis improved SW development quality and Kooperativa sped up its Dynatrace application monitoring business

Objective facts instead of subjective feelings, better quality SW development, efficient communication between IT and business, access to key applications, and a comprehensive overview of what is happening – this is what the Kooperativa insurance company expected from the application monitoring project delivered by Adastra.

Every project is different,
but our style remains the same

First we ask how we can help
We don’t believe in selling ready-made packets. We focus on the individual needs of each client. And we choose technologies accordingly.
Then we assemble project teams
Sometimes it’s just one Adastran in the client’s office. Sometimes there’s a team of 60 members. It all depends on the project.
We define roles, but the structure remains horizontal
Juniors and seniors work together as equals. What matters to us are good results and good relationships. And team members always stand by each other.
We look for innovations in each project
We keep track of trends and new technologies. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile development… We offer our clients a wide range of solutions.
The project takes months or even years
And we often work directly at the client’s office until the very end. That keeps communication effective, both with the client and each other.

Our Adastrans

Before I joined Adastra, I already saw it as a place to develop my potential. But if someone told me at the beginning just how far I could go, I wouldn’t have believed them. The only limits were in my head.
I never enjoyed staying in my comfort zone for too long, and after each success, a new and larger challenge emerged. Only a year after joining Adastra, I was placed at a client’s on my own, and two years later that client became the company’s largest. After that, I gradually started taking care of the analytics department while developing the telecommunication business. A few years later I became the sales director, and then a director of a separate division. And eleven years after joining the company, I became its CEO. The company has almost tripled in size in just four years. After establishing our daughter company, Acamar, and acquiring Adastra.one and BlindSpot Solutions, I am now responsible for a group of six companies with a total of 750+ colleagues and a turnover of around 1 billion. And we’re not stopping here!
Pavel Kysela
CEO Adastra CZ
My career started in Adastra more than 10 years ago, when Istarted to discover the beauty of BI in the data warehouse of one of thebiggest Czech banks. After a short time, my steps were directed to the planningarea, where I am still working as a leader of planning competence. Planningprojects have allowed me to get acquainted with the way the biggest Czechcompanies from the banking, insurance and automotive industries operate. Ienjoy getting to know how things work, which is a basic prerequisite fordesigning and creating planning systems - the planning process largely copiesthe business processes in a given company and it is not necessary to understandand respect them to design a good application. Moreover, getting to know newclients, which is a standard part of consultancy work, broadens horizons andprevents the work from becoming routine. This is also helped by the informalworking atmosphere, which is largely created by the Adastrans themselves.

Adastra and the people within it strive to support thegrowth of individual consultants - this is not just a platitude. If you enjoyyour work and are good at it, your clients, and ultimately Adastra itself, willappreciate it. Basically the same thing applies to this working and non-workinglevel - at Adastra, apart from the very beginning, no one will lead you by thehand to the very end, after the first stop the journey is up to you. But youcan count on having good equipment and a partner to help you overcome thebiggest pitfalls along the way. And that's just as true when you want to becomea senior consultant as it is when you want to host a board night or winetasting for your colleagues.
Petr Sládek
I studied international management and marketing, but I have never been involved in marketing. I always gravitated towards numbers and when I joined Adastra, I only knew Excel and little bit of VBA. I had to learn a lot, but more experienced colleagues helped me and today I work on 3 applications for long-term production and sales planning.
Jiří Fučikovský
I joined Adastra after eight years in the industry. I wanted a change of pace, so I was looking for a company with over 50 employees.
I see lots of options and interesting projects here and I like it. I have my peace of mind and I’m my own boss. My job is truly fulfilling, and that makes me happy.
Josef Pinkr

Companies that build the future under our wings


Conecta provides recruitment services for banks, financial institutions, telecommunications and insurance companies and many others.


Need professionals to help you recruit some IT prodigies? Acamar’s experienced team is capable of connecting businesses with the right people, even when IT specialists are scarce. They’re fast, but also friendly and cheerful.


Adastra.One is the birthplace of top-notch mobile apps for companies such as Tesco, T-Mobile, Sazka or Česká spořitelna. Developers from Adastra.One enter prestigious competitions with their apps every year. And every year they win.

Blindspot Solutions

Optimalisation algorithms and modern methods of machine learning empower companies to improve their internal processes or to improve their services and solutions greatly. That’s the kind of software they develop in Blindspot Solutions.

Adastra Business Consulting

We enjoy operational consulting, especially in risk management, process optimisation, digital transformation, product set-up, sales channels and bank regulation. We pride ourselves on giving advice based on data and advanced analytics. We are practical; we are happy to bring useful suggestions that we also implement in practice.

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