Our client is a German-based company, which has their IT HUB located in the Prague centre. There’s about 500 technical people working. The business and senior management is located mostly in Germany and the IT HUB has an independent position. Due to this reason they are open to the new technologies and delivery approach. They are structured according to their products (Investment Funds, Data IT, Risk IT, Energy Boerse IT, …) and these product divisions are also independent from management point of view. They have new premises with modern open-space offices located nearby the Vltava river on the metro station. Their internal culture is driver by the fact, that this is an IT (technical) HUB, so it’s open-minded with casual dress code, but also limited to the nature of their business – which is strictly regulated, so they are focused on the quality, risk management and security or integrity of their applications. 

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Mandatory skills and experience:

We are looking for Java SE/EE developer with a solid experience in development and maintenance of the back-end systems ideally in financial sector. Ideal candidate needs to have an ability to work in the team, read and speak in English and quickly understand the existing code and map it to functional requirements. Previous experience with SQL is a must, Oracle experience will be a plus. Overview of web front-end technologies and practical experience would be a plus as well.


About the project:

The project it's about extensions or maintenance of existing application which are 15+ years old. Developer needs be able to read the existing code, read functional documentation, and design the solution to minimally impact the unrelated parts of the application. We are looking for a candidate able to work in the team on the back-end side 9either head-less application, or application with a GUI (GUI part developed by another teammemeber). Functionally the applications are dealing with huge volumes of data stored in Oracle and either transforming them to different formats for further distribution to customers, or provide the data to the GUI which servers as an internal monitoring tool.

Technology stack in use:

  • Java EE and SE
  • AWS 
  • Docker 
  • SQL
  • Oracle, PL/SQL